Richard Dean Anderson
Adam McFadden
Richard Dean Anderson played Dr. Jeff Webber on General Hospital before landing the role of Adam McFadden. After Seven Brides for Seven Brothers ended, Richard Dean Anderson went on to star in Emerald Point, NAS, another series that lasted only one season. Then, in 1985, he landed the starring role in MacGyver, a hit series that ran until 1994.

Following up his success on MacGyver, he starred in a short-lived series called Legend. In 1997, he began playing Jack O’Neill in his next hit series Stargate SG-1, for which he won a Saturn award as Best Genre TV Actor, and has subsequently appeared in other versions of Stargate. He has also served as an executive producer of Stargate and two MacGyver films.

Drake Hogestyn
Brian McFadden
Brian McFadden was Drake Hogestyn’s first role. After Seven Brides for Seven Brothers ended, Drake Hogestyn went on to star in Generation and also appeared in Otherworld and Beverly Hills Cowgirl Blues. Drake mentioned in an interview that he and former cast mate Richard Dean Anderson both vied for the part in Generation. “Rick really wanted to do it because hockey would be involved, and he’s an avid player.”

Drake’s big career-making role then came in 1986 when he began playing “John Black” opposite Deidre Hall’s “Marlena” on Days of Our Lives as part of a popular super couple. He enjoyed enormous success on the show for the next two decades and won several Soap Opera Digest awards for his work. In 2009, because of budget cuts, the producers of the struggling show wrote his character and that of Hall’s off the show.

Peter Horton
Crane McFadden
Peter Horton had a series of small television roles before playing Crane McFadden. He continued working in television after Seven Brides for Seven Brothers ended. A few years after the cancellation of the series, he landed the role of “Gary Shepherd” in the iconic Emmy award-winning series  thirtysomething.

With his place in television history assured, he went on to star in The Geena Davis Show and Brimstone, a series he also produced. He also received Emmy nominations for his work as executive producer and director on Grey’s Anatomy, a series he won a PGA award for as Television Producer of the Year. He also served as an executive producer for Six Degrees, Grey’s Anatomy, and, most recently, The Philanthropist. His directing credits include work on thirtysomething, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Shield.

And those are just the highlights. Peter Horton is an exceptionally talented actor, producer, and director and keeps busy. Check out his IMDB page for a full listing of his award-winning work.

Roger Wilson
Daniel McFadden
Before landing the role of Daniel McFadden, Roger Wilson already enjoyed box office success in the film Porky’s and would later also star in its sequel. In the years following Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, he had several film roles but made the most headlines for his activities outside of acting and singing.

Roger entered politics in 2006 by running for an at-large seat on the New Orleans City Council. Although he lost the election, he proceeded to launch an initiative called Broadway South to help revitalize his hometown after Hurricane Katrina.

In 2008, the New York Post reported that Roger was working as a bartender at Philippe. According to the article, when the owner learned of Roger’s past film career, he said he planned to promote him to manager.

Tim Topper
Evan McFadden
Before playing Evan McFadden, Tim Topper had a small part in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.  He had a few small TV roles after Seven Brides for Seven Brothers ended. He then became a drama teacher for children in 1992. With his wife Nancy, he founded Sunshine and Company in Los Angeles.

After relocating to Pinellas County, Florida in 1996, the couple began Abba Dabba Children’s Theater Company. Tim also teaches drama at Perkins Elementary School. The Pinellas Education Foundation named Tim an Educator of the Year in the “Inspiring Students to Perform at Higher Levels” category.

Bryan Utman
Ford McFadden
Bryan Utman had a few small roles in television before playing Ford McFadden and had a few more afterward. His later career also included work as a casting assistant, set dresser, production assistant, assistant producer, and associate producer.

River Phoenix
Guthrie McFadden
Guthrie McFadden was River Phoenix’s first role. His later film career included starring roles in My Own Private Idaho, The Mosquito Coast, and Stand By Me. He received an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe nomination for his work in the film Running on Empty. He played young Indy in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Tragically, his life was cut short by a drug overdose.

Terri Treas
Hannah McFadden
Terri Treas’ dancing career, including a part in the film version of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, helped win her the role of Hannah McFadden. After Seven Brides for Seven Brothers ended, Terri Treas worked steadily in television for the next few years in a series of guest roles. 

In 1989, she landed the role of “Cathy Frankel” in the sci-fi series Alien Nation. She reprised the role in several subsequent TV movies throughout the ‘90s. She served as co-producer for 12 episodes of the hit series Felicity. She also wrote several episodes for various TV series, including three for Felicity. Today, Terri runs her own marketing and real estate investment company. Terri is certainly multi-talented!