Enjoy the brief summaries below. Stay tuned for a more detailed synopsis of each episode.

The Pilot
Adam McFadden, a 27-year-old rancher, is the eldest of seven orphaned brothers. When his parents died, he took on the responsibility of caring for his younger siblings with the help of Brian, the hotheaded second oldest brother. Adam then falls in love with Hannah Moss and impulsively marries her. He brings her back to the ranch, neglecting to inform either her or his brothers that they will all be sharing a house together.

The Man in the White Hat
Crane’s plan to save money by buying into a cattle feed co-op backfires when the warehouse owner storing the McFadden feed goes bankrupt, putting the ranch in financial jeopardy.

Adam and Hannah argue about parenting techniques when Adam wants a discouraged Evan to stand up to a tough rodeo instructor and Hannah wants a shy Ford to ask a girl he likes out on a date.

I Love You, Molly McGraw
When Evan’s horse Diablo suffers a serious injury, Crane falls in love with the young veterinarian who attempts to save the animal’s life.

Gold Fever
Eager to help his older brothers pay for a badly needed roof, Guthrie searches for gold but has a dangerous encounter with a pair of poachers.

Daniel’s Song
Daniel begins a relationship with a beautiful but mercurial singer, unaware that she and Brian had a one-night stand in the past, a mistake that Brian would like to keep Daniel from repeating.

A House Divided
Brian is the best player on the family polo team, but his reckless riding forces Adam to bench him. As an angry Brian goes on a drunken binge that lands him in jail, Adam must also contend with disgruntled polo fans and dissension in his own family as they take sides in the disagreement between the two eldest brothers.

As Evan’s confidence in his rodeo riding skills grows, he tells the family that he plans to quit school to pursue a career on the circuit, much to their dismay. In the meantime, after Brian has a brawl with Evan’s cantankerous rodeo instructor, he discovers some surprising information about the man.

Catch a Falling Star
When Daniel discovers one of his country singing heroes performing at a local bar, he tries to help the alcoholic old star get back on his feet.

The Election
When Guthrie becomes ill after accidentally ingesting polluted water, Adam and Brian discover that the local sheriff is corrupt when they complain to him about the polluters. The family then convinces Adam to depose the man by running for sheriff.

Hannah quickly befriends a divorced woman from San Francisco who takes over the ranch next to the Circle Bar Seven. However, an argument with Adam causes the new neighbor to bar the McFadden cattle from grazing on her property, violating a verbal agreement made decades earlier between Adam’s father and the woman’s grandfather.

When a restless Brian takes on a second job to help pay for jeep repairs, he meets an old cowboy whose nomadic solitary lifestyle tempts him to leave the ranch.

Christmas Song
Crane befriends a poor widow whose wealthy in-laws are trying to gain custody of her children.

When a local elementary school is scheduled to be demolished, Hannah fights to preserve the historic building to the annoyance of several townspeople and even some members of her own family.

Promised Land
The McFaddens try to help a pregnant immigrant after her husband is murdered.

The Killer
After Guthrie finds himself unable to kill a deer when Brian takes him hunting, Adam tells Guthrie that hunting is an important part of wildlife management but assures him that no one will force him to hunt if it’s not right for him. In the meantime, the McFaddens try to protect a wounded old cougar from a big game hunter.

Deadly High
When Adam’s old girlfriend visits town and begins dating Brian, Adam begins to suspect that she may be involved with marijuana growers in the area. At the same time, Guthrie tries to deal with drug pushers in his school.

The Rescue
When Hannah’s plane goes down in a blizzard, stranding her and the other occupants in the wilderness, Adam, Brian, and Crane set out on foot to find her.

Winter Roses
As Adam prepares to compete in a local car race, Hannah announces her first pregnancy.

As Adam’s high school reunion rolls around, he begins to suspect a former classmate and good friend may be connected to a cattle-rustling ring.

A Ring for Hannah
Daniel’s plan to make a wedding ring for Hannah with gold from an abandoned mine has tragic consequences when Evan, Ford, Guthrie and their friend Jenny are trapped in a cave-in.

When rabid coyotes begin preying on the McFadden’s cattle, the family must bring them to safety. When the roundup interferes with Daniel’s preparations for an important audition, he is angry with Adam for making him go while Hannah resents being left behind because Adam thinks she cannot handle the work.