Drake Hogestyn told Nelson Branco in an interview with TVGuide.ca that he is talking to Granada/ITA about producing “educational, fun, and friendly” shows with his son Ben Hogestyn.

I have pitched a few non-scripted programs to them. In fact, when we [on the soap cruise] stopped in Key West for the day, I found out one of our projects got the green light. I’m working on the project with my son, Ben. Actually, we’re working on five projects. This particular project is a hybrid of Jeopardy! and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Our show is called Down To Earth. It’s a geography game show. Basically, we have Google Earth looking down on the planet as it’s spinning. Our setup? It’s routine — we have three contestants and a host, as Google Earth zeroes down on a specific location somewhere in the world. Contestants have 30 seconds for a chance to win $100,000 to guess where we are zooming into. We already created a sizzle reel with someone who hails from Merv Griffith’s production company.

Drake recently sailed on the 3rd Annual Soap Cruise where he talked with Branco about his new projects, the soap opera business, and his experience playing “John Black” on Days of Our Lives.